Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Opening Speech

My 1st indication that food was something other than a substance one stuffed in one's face when hungry, like filling up at petrol station.

For me the cooking life has been long love affair with moment both sublime and ridiculous, but like love affair looking back remember and memory with people that ur love, friend, parents and etc. That happy times and the things that drew u in, attracted u in 1st place(hotel, restaurant..etc) with nice environment, people, service, food and drink all this thing that keep u coming back for more.

For me, i ve never regretted the unexpected left turn that dropped me into this carrier, hotel, restaurant business and i've long believed that good food, good eating is all about rick, for example oily, fat, salt, sugar and ets....

For me food has always been an adventures that everyday come with new presentation, taste, menu, ingredients, as long as good ans nice taste.

*macam berterabur je ayat...hahaha...

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Mr Dino said...

foood~~ feed meh..!!
many thankies..